Graphic Design

School of Art and Art History

GRPH 243. Computer Graphics (0, 6). 3 credits.

Introduction to graphics on the computer. Students will explore hardware and software that relate to the presentation of graphic design projects and computer generated imaging. Prerequisites: ART 140 and ART 160 or permission of the instructor.

GRPH 244. Design Methodology (0, 9). 3 credits.

Exploration of strategies for conceptualizing, analyzing and solving design problems. Emphasis is placed on graphic presentation of ideas and the creative process. Prerequisite: ART 140.

GRPH 246. Introduction to Typography (0, 9). 3 credits.

Introduction to the study of letter-forms for their aesthetic and communicative value. Emphasis will be placed on the form and function of basic type including a fundamental understanding of electronic prepress. Prerequisite: GRPH 243.

GRPH 250. Portfolio Review. 0 credit.

Portfolio review required to enroll in Graphic Design courses at upper division standing. May be repeated once for pass/fail standing. Prerequisites: GRPH 243, GRPH 244 and GRPH 246.

GRPH/SMAD 339. Web Design. 3 credits.

Introduction to Web design through theory and practical application. Assignments will focus on the unique form, content and structures associated with designing for the World Wide Web. Special emphasis on the creative process and the graphic presentation of ideas. Prerequisites: GRPH majors, GRPH 250; SMAD majors, GRPH 243.

GRPH 345. Advertising Design (0, 9). 3 credits.

Through theory and practical application, the student learns to communicate a message using advertising design principles, the creative process and the message/client/consumer relationship. Prerequisite: GRPH 250.

GRPH 346. Intermediate Typography (0, 9). 3 credits.

Continued study of letter-forms for their aesthetic and communicative value. Emphasis will be placed on historical and sociological issues. Prerequisite: GRPH 250.

GRPH 347. Package Design (0, 9). 3 credits

Through theory, demonstrations and practical application students learn to design in three-dimensions. Focus will be placed on aesthetics, as well as the form and function of a productís housing. Prerequisite: GRPH 250.

GRPH 349. Illustration (0, 9). 3 credits.

Through demonstrations, theory and practical application, students are introduced to numerous media and illustrative techniques. Encouraged experimentation is tempered by an understanding of problem solving and conceptualization. Prerequisite: GRPH 250.

GRPH/ART 390. Topics in Art or Graphic Design. 1-3 credits.

Studies in selected topics in art and graphic design. May be repeated when course content changes. See Registration and Student Record Services Handbook for current topics. Prerequisite: GRPH 250.

GRPH 446. Advanced Typography (0, 9). 3 credits.

Advanced study of letter-forms for their aesthetic and communicative value. Emphasis will be placed on creative solutions reflecting knowledge of contemporary typography and design issues. Prerequisite: GRPH 346.

GRPH 447. Type and Image (0, 9). 3 credits.

This course emphasizes creative solutions of type and image in visual communication. Prerequisite or corequisite: GRPH 446.

GRPH/ART/ARTH 490. Independent Studies in Art or Art History or Graphic Design. 1-3 credits each semester.

Independent activity such as research or studio practice under supervision. Projected studies in any area of the schoolís offerings must be arranged with the instructors who will direct them. Offered only with consent of the director. Prerequisite: GRPH 250 for GRPH 490.

GRPH/ART/ARTH 495. Internship in Art or Art History or Graphic Design. 1-8 credits.

An off-campus program prepared and monitored on an individual basis. Internships are designed to provide practical experience in the arts. ARTH 494 is a prerequisite for internships in museums and galleries. Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor and director. ARTH 494 for ART/ARTH 495 in museums and galleries. GRPH 250 for GRPH 495.

GRPH 498. Graphic Design Portfolio. 3 credits.

An examination of the business of graphic design, employment strategies and freelance opportunities. Focus is placed on solidification of the portfolio for employment and/or graduate school. This course is strongly recommended for the last semester prior to graduation. Prerequisite: GRPH 446. Prerequisite or corequisite: GRPH 447.

GRPH/ART/ARTH 499. Honors (1, 3 ,2). 6 credits total for three semesters.

Prerequisite: GRPH 250 for GRPH 499.

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