Environmental Management

College of Integrated Science and Technology

ENVM 480. Selected Topics in Environmental Management.  1-4 credits.

Topics in environmental management which are of interest to the upper-division student but not otherwise covered in the regular course offerings. Offered only with the appoval of the director. May be repeated for credit when course content changes. Students should consult the instructor prior to enrolling. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing as an Environmental Management major. Topic selected may dictate additional prerequisites.

ENVM 490. Environmental Management Seminar. 2 credits.

A literature-based seminar in environmental management, this course emphasizes student investigation and research, presentation and discussion. Prerequisite: Senior standing as an Environmental Management major.

ENVM 491, 492. Senior Thesis/Project I & II. 3 credits each.

In this two-course sequence, the student performs an independent research and/or engineering project to identify and analyze an environmental management problem and develop a practical solution. May be taken to satisfy the requirements set forth by the honors program. Prerequisite: Senior standing as an Environmental Management major.

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