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What is the Experience Profile?

JMU students, share your story with us! Through the Experience Profile in Recruit-A-Duke, we collect information about what JMU students are doing during and after their time at JMU to share with prospective students, parents, and administrators. We really want to know about your campus involvements, internship, jobs, and other career-related experiences, past and future! Seniors, we especially want to hear about your plans after graduation, whether that's grad school, an internship, a job, or trying to find one!

"How do I share my story?"

It only takes 5 minutes to fill out your Experience Profile! After being prompted to log in to Recruit-a-Duke, you'll be taken straight to your Experience Profile to add your career-related experiences and/or plans! If you have any trouble, call 540-568-6555. Your Experience Profile is a great place to share your jobs, internships, volunteer experiences, etc. If you've had success using Recruit-A-Duke, Career Fair, or other Career & Academic Planning events or services, we'd love to hear that story too! Email if you have a success story or quote you'd be willing to share!

"How will JMU use this information?"

JMU wants to know about your career journey and successes, while at JMU and after you leave JMU. Your information is kept completely confidential and helps us improve ways we can support current and future students as they plan and pursue their careers. See our Career Outcomes page for how this information is shared with the JMU community, prospective students, and families.

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Jack Boone
Win an iPad mini!

Each career-related experience you enter gives you another chance to win drawing prizes! The winner of our last drawing for an iPad mini was Jack Boone, Engineering '18. Congratulations, Jack! To be included in future drawings, keep updating your Experience Profile.

Having any trouble?

Let us help! Call 540-568-6555 - it will be well worth the 5 minutes you spend, since Recruit-a-Duke is a lifelong resource for job openings and other career resources! We greatly appreciate your help, and hope we have helped you as well!



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