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Your objective sets the tone for your resume and informs the reader of the opportunity you are seeking. It may include a job title you desire to have, a description of activities you want to perform, the goals you hope to achieve, the skills you bring to the table, the type of organization you wish to join, or a special interest you have in a particular field. Your objective should be tailored to each position that you apply for.

You may omit the objective from your resume, if you are unsure about the type of work you are seeking or you are applying for a variety of positions within the company. In this case, state your objective in a cover letter rather than your resume, like a thesis.


To obtain a position as a programmer or an analyst contributing my knowledge of the information systems field.

Seeking a position in the field of foreign relations that will utilize my knowledge and background in political science and Russian language and culture.

To acquire a financial services position within a banking organization utilizing analytical skills, language skills, and multinational experiences.