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Receiving an Offer

When an employer extends an offer to you, it is appropriate to request time to think it over. Because accepting a new job is a major decision, you must first consider all the aspects involved.

Taking Time to Decide

Before you make a final decision, carefully consider answers to these and other questions. Most employers will view your request for additional time to decide about an offer in a positive light and respect your wish to make a careful choice.

When you receive a job offer, take the time you need to consider it before making a decision. When evaluating a job offer, it is important to review and reflect upon all the information you have gathered about the position, organization, community, and long-term opportunities. Keep your personal priorities and criteria and your “gut feelings” in mind when you go through this process. Also, keep in mind that it is natural to feel anxious and excited when making decisions.

Some questions to consider:

  • Is it the right career move?
  • Does this position fulfill most of my personal and job-related criteria? If it only meets some, are those the most important ones? Can I give up the ones it does not fulfill?
  • How will I develop and grow within the position and the organization?
  • Are the organization’s values compatible with mine?
  • Are there opportunities for advancement?
  • Can I live on the salary and benefits? If not, can I negotiate?
  • Have I considered my future co-workers, the work environment, management style, and other factors that are important to me?
  • Does this job sound like something I would really enjoy doing? Would I look forward to getting up in the morning to go to work every day?
  • Is this really my decision? Am I making a decision based on my family, friends, or faculty’s opinions?
  • Do I know enough about the position and organization to make an informed decision? Do I need to ask the employer for additional information?

Answering these questions will help you get started on your decision. You may also find that Vault reviews from employees who work for an organization can be helpful information to factor in.

You may want to get help from faculty, family, friends, or career counselors when weighing the pros and cons of the job offer. Avoid taking advice from anyone without thinking critically about the advice you are given. You are ultimately the person who must live with your decision.

Salary Information

The following websites can help you evaluate a salary offer:

If you receive a salary offerthat is acceptable, your next step is to ask about the rest of the compensation package.

It is important to have complete information to make an informed decision. You should receive information about the salary and benefits package, including health insurance; pension plan options; and holiday, vacation, and sick day policies before you make your final decision.