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Differentiate between your personal interests and your work interests. By identifying your patterns of occupational interests, you are better able to determine a satisfying major or career direction. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What generates excitement or enthusiasm for you?
  • What different interests do you want to pursue over your lifetime?
  • What interests do you want as part of your work (i.e. 40+ hours)? Are they different from the interests that you include in your spare time? What interests overlap between your professional and personal life?
  • What do you miss if you are not incorporating it into daily work? What do you need to have in your daily activities to feel satisfied?

Knowing your interests is the first step. Knowing how to connect your interests to your major and career options comes next, and can be informed by the tools described below or meeting with a career counselor.

Self-Guided Tools

You can also explore your Interests using these resources:

These tools are hosted on other websites. However, you are still encouraged to meet with us for further clarification.

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