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Schedule an Appointment

Current students can schedule appointments with Career & Academic Advisors to discuss majors and careers, jobs, internships, and graduate school.

  • Visit the Appointment page in Recruit-A-Duke or go to the Calendar tab and select “Counseling Appt” (you may be prompted to log in).
  • Choose an appointment type (all other filters are optional). Note: If you are an Undeclared student with an advisor in CAP and you have advising questions, choose “Meet with my CAP Academic Advisor” as the appointment type and your advisor’s name as the counselor.
  • Most appointments are only offered in CAP Office (SSC 3210)
  • Once you select “Check Availability”, a list of appointment slots will appear
  • Selecting an appointment time will bring up a pop-up window, where you can double check the appointment details and describe what you would like to cover in the appointment
  • Call (540) 568-6555 if you have difficulty scheduling your appointment, or if you would like to schedule a phone, email, or Skype appointment

Cancel an Appointment

  • Visit the Appointment page in Recruit-A-Duke, or go to the Calendar tab and select “Counseling Appt”
  • Select the 3 dots next to your current appointment to open a menu, and select “Cancel” or “Reschedule”. Rescheduling takes you back to the same screen you used to set up your appointment. Follow scheduling instructions as listed above.
  • Please be courteous and cancel or reschedule as far in advance as possible so that another student can use the appointment slot.

Come to Walk-In Hours with Career Educators

Career Educators are trained volunteer student staff that are available to assist fellow students with first-time resume reviews, getting started on Recruit-A-Duke, or learning about resources available through our office. You can schedule an appointment with Career Educators through Recruit-A-Duke (see below) or simply drop in with your resume during designated walk-in hours, which are posted each semester on our Events Calendar.

Contact Us (about appointments) (about logging in to Recruit-A-Duke)

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