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Advertise on Campus

If you choose to recruit on campus, students can learn about your organization and open positions on Recruit-A-Duke. In addition to the opportunities offered under the "Recruit JMU Students and Alumni" tab on the left, the advertising methods below can help to promote exposure for your organization on campus.

e-Bulletin Boards

One way to promote your visit to campus is to post an announcement on JMU's "e-bulletin boards". E-bulletin boards are flat screen monitors that are used to display electronic announcements. There are several located across the campus which gives you the opportunity to post electronic announcements to specific student populations.

To advertise and promote your visit, we ask for your announcement to be one PowerPoint slide as this is the most user-friendly format for us to disseminate across the campus.

Please keep in mind that your slide will display for a matter of seconds so the intent is to catch the eye of passerby and relay relevant content quickly.  

Possible items to include are:

  • Your company logo
  • Date of your recruiting visit to JMU
  • The position(s) you are interviewing for
  • A line on your slide that instructs students to submit their resumes on Recruit-A-Duke to be considered. (You may want to reference your resume submission deadline as well).

If you choose to use this option, we must receive your slide two weeks prior to your position's resume submission deadline.   If you have any questions or would like to submit your PowerPoint slide to be displayed, please contact

School Newspaper

Another effective way to promote an upcoming visit is through The Breeze, JMU’s campus newspaper. It is circulated on Monday and Thursday of each week during the academic year. You can call The Breeze Advertising Office at 540-568-6127 or view their advertising information online. If you want to increase the number of resumes submitted for your position, you should advertise at least five weeks in advance of the interview date.