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About the program

The Visiting Scholars Program aims to enhance intellectual exploration and academic excellence by bringing to campus each semester a number of scholars who represent a wide variety of intellectual disciplines and whose public lectures deal with a diversity of challenging and thought-provoking topics.

Selected scholars visit campus for one or two days and give a public presentation, visit classes in his or her discipline and participate in other activities arranged by the host department. Scholars are nominated by faculty each semester and selected by the Visiting Scholars Committee.

For more information contact Laura Wisman or Dietrich Maune in the CAL office.


Nominations for Visiting Scholars are due to the CAL office in mid-September or mid-February for the next semester. Download the nomination form here.

Download the Schedule


Audios, Videos of Visiting Scholars and other lecturers

Visiting Scholar Events

  • Sep 15: Visiting Scholar Charles Sohaskey
  • Sep 15: Visiting Scholars Lecture by Charles Sohaskey
  • Sep 18: Visiting Scholar Katrina Powell
  • Sep 18: Visiting Scholars Lecture by Katrina Powell
  • Nov 12: Visiting Scholar Aisling Swaine
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