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Amanda Storm
Contact Info

Instructor, Postdoctoral Research Assistant 

B.S. – Central State University

Ph.D. – Miami University

Office - Bioscience 3028I

Office Hours

Research Interests:  Protein Structure, Molecular Biology

I work in Dr. Monroe’s lab where we focus on understanding the roles of the beta-amylase family of proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana. Beta-amylase enzymes participate in breaking down starch reserves to supply energy for the plant when photosynthesis is not occurring, such as during the night. Our group uses a variety of different techniques to study the activity and regulation of these proteins, both within plants and using isolated proteins.  The projects I am most involved in include 1) site-directed mutagenesis of the primary starch degradation BAMs, BAM1 and BAM3, to determine which residues might be required for regulating enzyme activity and 2) using yeast-two-hybrid and protein cross-linking to identify potential protein interaction partners for some of the non-catalytic BAMs that are thought to have regulatory activity.