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We have developed several new tools that are now available for use in school divisions.  Please look through our preview section and call us if you would like more information!
The SOL Data Disaggregator Version 5.0
The Data Disaggregator is a Microsoft EXCEL-based workbook that contains a series of templates which are used to "break-down" the electronic SOL test results available from Harcourt/NCS for the Spring 2000 and Fall 2000 test cycles. Workbooks are available for disaggregating the data for the End-of-Course tests; the Multiple-Choice tests for grades three, five, and eight; and the Writing tests for grades five, eight, and eleven.

Version 5.0 templates feature greater "ease of use", as well as a wider range of reporting formats.  With the data from Harcourt/NCS now supplied free-of-charge from the State Department of Education, it becomes important to have a tool that will allow for easy data breakdown and analysis.  The Data Disaggregator meets the needs of many administrators and teachers.  Look over the sample pages and give us a call!

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The SOL Released Test Search Engine
Ever wished that you had an easy way to search SOL statements for keywords?  Or how about being able to easily move between corresponding SOL statements, released test items, and the Department of Education Resource Guides?  If you want to be able to easily search the SOL statements that are included in the Spring 2000 Released Test Items, as well as view the test questions and the appropriate portions of the Resource Guides, then The SOL Released Test Search Engine is the tool for you!  Take a look at the sample pages and let us know if you like what you see!

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