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SOL 2000 Released Test Search Engine - Sample Pages
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These Microsoft Excel templates are easy to use and enable administrators and teachers to quickly examine the 2000 SOL released test questions to find:

  • Keyword matches for the SOL statements that were referenced in the Spring 2000 Released tests.
  • Spring 2000 Released test questions filtered by a given subject, test, grade level, reporting category, or SOL keyword.
  • The portions of the recently-released Department of Education Resource Guides for Math, Science, and English that correspond to specific released test items.
Three template sheets are included for viewing - the Title Page, a "blank" Search Page, and a "completed" Search page.   You may navigate through these sheets sequentially using the left and right arrow keys located near the top of each page/screen.  Click on the logo "Governor's Best Practice Center • Harrisonburg" located at the top of each page to return to the Home Page.                                                           
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