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The Title Page contains blank cells that should be used to specify the division name, the name of the person preparing the information, and the date prepared.  The testing cycle (“Fall 2000” or “F2000) should be included in the division name to eliminate confusion.

 There are several “important” buttons that appear on most of the template pages.  The “Lock / Unlock” buttons are used to lock or unlock those cells that the user completes – the other cells of the page always remained locked, regardless of the status of the “Lock /  Unlock” buttons.  If you try to enter data when all cells are locked, then you will receive a message that the cell is “protected and therefore read-only.”  Use the “Unlock” button and try again.  The “Zoom Fit” button will fit the width of the template page to the width of your monitor.  The “Print” button and the “Print Preview” button (seen on other pages) are the only buttons that should be used to print or preview template pages.  Attempting to use the print functions from the menu bar or tool bar will result in documents that are not formatted to fit the page.  The “Navigation” button jumps you to a menu page from which all other template pages are easily accessed.  The “On” and “Off” buttons select and deselect the full-screen viewing mode.  This gives a larger viewing area when selected.  However, you should probably turn this mode “Off” before exiting the workbook.

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