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SOL Data Disaggregator V 5.0 - Sample Pages
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These Microsoft Excel templates are easy to use and enable administrators and teachers to quickly examine SOL test results to find the answers to questions involving:

  • The passing rates for specific tests and/or content areas - broken down by school, teacher, student sex, disability grouping, or any other "standard" parameter value;
  • Breakdown of results by population groups, including sex, race, and disability grouping;
  • Breakdown of the specific blue-print reporting category results for each test - an invaluable exercise for determining areas of weakness in student achievement as measured by SOL test results;
  • Breakdown of "basic facts" - numbers of students with specific test scaled scores, number of questions answered correctly, and minimum passing "raw" scores;
  • Listings of students matching specific "search" criteria - especially important in identifying students "on the bubble" and students needing remediation/intervention in areas of weakness as indicated by category performances.
Sixteen template sheets are included for viewing.   You may navigate through these sheets sequentially using the left and right arrow keys located near the top of each page/screen.  You may also navigate to any sheet by first moving to the "Navigation Page" and clicking on the name of the sheet you wish to view.  You may return to the "Navigation Page" by clicking anywhere in the page you are currently viewing.  Click on the logo, "Governor's Best Practice Center • Harrisonburg", at the top of each page to return to the Home Page.


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