Pay Schedule
Paychecks are issued on the 16th of each month for the pay period of the 25th through the 9th and on the last work day of each  month for the pay period of the 10th through the 24th. Should that day fall on a weekend or a holiday, you will be paid on the  previous business day. It is federal law that the name on your paycheck match the name on your Social Security card. You may be  subject to a fine if the information is incorrect.

The following items must be deducted from your paycheck: Social Security (FICA), Federal withholding tax, and State withholding tax.

You may also have the following taken out of your paycheck: state health insurance premiums, tax deferred annuities, credit union  savings, Combined Virginia Campaign contributions, United States savings bonds, parking fees, and contributions to the University.

Direct Deposit
As a condition of employment, you must participate in the University's direct deposit program. This program provides for your  paycheck to be automatically deposited into your account at the financial institution of your choice. One day prior to payday or by  payday, you will receive your pay advice (information about your paycheck). Participation in direct deposit begins by completing  the necessary paperwork available in Human Resources or the Payroll Office.

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