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Scope of Audits


To accomplish our mission, we evaluate the adequacy and test the effectiveness of   internal controls.  Internal controls are the methods or procedures used by an organization to:

  • Ensure reliability and integrity of information;
  • Ensure compliance with policies, laws, regulations, etc.;
  • Safeguard assets;
  • Promote economical and efficient use of resources; and
  • Accomplish goals and objectives.


Compliance Issues


Compliance issues referred to above include JMU, State, Federal, and other external requirements.  Some of these are:



•  University Policy Manual

•  JMU Financial Procedures Manual


Commonwealthof Virginia

•  Commonwealth Accounting Polices and Procedures (CAPP) Manual

•  Agency Procurement Manual

•  Capital Outlay Manual (issued by the Department of General Services)

•  Appropriation Act

•  Council on Information Management (CIM) Standards

•  Code of Virginia

•  State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) Guidelines 


•  Federal Register (requirements related to financial aid - e.g., StaffordLoan, Work Study, Perkins Loan, Pell Grant programs)

•  Family Educational Rights Privacy Act

Other External Requirements

•  NCAA Regulations


University Policy on Internal Auditing

The mission and scope are also included in University Policy 1601, entitled "Auditing Program".

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