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CUAV 2016 Conference 

The 2016 CUAV Conference is scheduled for April 24-27, 2016 and will be hosted by UVA in Charlottesville, VA.  The conference will be held at the Darden Conference Center with lodging available at the Inn at Darden and Hyatt Place.  You can help make this conference a success by identifying presenters and speakers for the conference.

Session Presenters and Speakers Needed: Please Respond By February 10th

A list of topics is included below. If you’d like to showcase an innovative approach within your department or would like to share a leading practice, please respond by February 10th with your presentation proposal and a summary of its content. We are also accepting recommendations for speakers; please forward your recommendations for dynamic speakers and thought leaders in the audit profession as soon as possible.

We are finalizing the agenda, but below are topics that we are considering for inclusion in our 2 ½ day meeting:

1. Core Sessions:

• OSIG Update

• CAE Round Table

• Director’s Meeting

• APA Update

• CPA Ethics

• Ethics for Everyone

2. IT Related Topics:

• Cloud Management and Controls

• Research Management: Creating Secure, Compliant Platforms for Innovation

• PCI Issues and Compliance

3. Fraud and Forensics Related Topics:

• Fraud and Forensic Experience or Case

• Fraud and Forensics Essentials

• Threat Assessment

4. Virginia Commonwealth and National Politics:

• Higher Ed Issues

5. Data Analytics/Continuous Monitoring Topics:

• Continuous Monitoring Programs

• Useful Performance and Security Metrics, Thresholds, and Alerts

• Case studies in data mining and visualization

6. Enterprise and Audit Risk Assessment Topics:

• Aligning Audit Plan to Strategy and ERM

• Audit Risk Assessment Practices

• Emerging Risks

• Compliance Risks

• Athletics Compliance

• PCI Compliance

7. Grants and Research Topics:

• Uniform Guidance implementation and impact to Audit teams

• How to read the records to get the real story of a grant’s life cycle

• Effort Reporting – not simply salary and cost share

• Program compliance vs. financial compliance

If you have any questions or suggestions related to preparations, please contact Jane Beckert, Courtney Oxman, or Carolyn Saint. Your help and support in making this conference a success is greatly appreciated! We are really excited to have you visit in April and share all the news and ideas coming out of university internal audit departments in the Commonwealth of Virginia.