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Surplus Property/Department Moves

Effective Immediately: Before any items will be accepted at the Surplus Property warehouse, an Equipment Inventory Change Request (EICR) form must be completed and sent to the Surplus Property Coordinator. This procedure applies to surplus items to be picked up by the Moving Crew or by the Surplus Property Coordinator and to items brought out by departments to the warehouse. Work requests to bring items to the Surplus warehouse (including departmental moves) will not be processed by the Moving Crew until an EICR form is received by the Surplus Property Coordinator.


Surplus Property does not accept any items with hazardous contaminants. To review the hazardous material section of the University’s Comprehensive Safety Plan, visit:  http://www.jmu.edu/safetyplan/hazmaterial/index.shtml. For questions about these items, please contact Marcella Mullenax, Environmental Health Coordinator, at mullenmr@jmu.edu or 568-4959.


Note: EICR forms must have an approving signature from a department head or manager, who is different from the person completing the form.


EICR forms may be submitted to the Surplus Property Coordinator by:

  • Scanning and emailing to colopyma@jmu.edu (our new preferred format for quickest response time);
  • Faxing to 568-2383; or
  • Mailing to MSC 5704


Questions regarding Surplus Property? Please contact Mark Colopy at colopyma@jmu.edu or 568-6931.


Departmental Moves

*All departmental moves from one location to another will be coordinated and executed by JMU Facilities Management and Space Management. 

*Departments are required to complete a Moves Request Form and Moves Worksheet prior to entering the work request and return to Space Management.  Both forms are available on the Space Management web site http://www.jmu.edu/bservices/spacemgmtindex.shtml

*To view a complete copy of the JMU Moves guide and Moves Policy, please visit http://www.jmu.edu/bservices/spacemgmtindex.shtml


*Questions regarding moves?   Please contact Jini Cook at cookvg@jmu.edu or 568.7204.