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Athletic Facility & Events

James Madison University

Scheduling Procedures


  • Requests must be submitted in accordance with the Event Scheduling Timeline (follow the guidelines listed for "General Use" Classrooms at the bottom of page).
  • The Athletic Facility Request Form must be completed with details of event. ALL student organizations must also complete the Event Specification & Approval Form. Upon completion of both forms, turn into Athletic Facilities & Events office see below for instructions.
  • Certain types of events may not be accommodated due to the following restrictions:
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Requests must be received a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event (exception: meetings)
  • Staffing not available to supervise event
  • If your event needs a tent and/or stage, please read the following stipulations: Tent/Stage Process
  • Concerts or events involving professional promoters are not allowed (UPB only)
  • Athletics will approve or deny the request and will then contact the requestor to inform them of approval or denial.
  • For approved events, Athletics will work with the requestor for any additional planning and completion of necessary paperwork such as work requests, permit applications, etc.
  • Please note all events require planning and sometimes supervision is required.  Such events will incur costs for any Athletic Facility staff and/or Event Supervisor.
  • Please be aware fees for services may also apply (equipment rental, staffing, rental fee, etc.)
  • If you have questions, please contact the Athletic Facilities and Events Office at 568-8810.
  • Please submit the required form(s) in one of the following ways:
    1. By fax - 540-568-3421
    2. By campus mail - MSC 4703
    3. Drop off - Convocation Center room 101
    4. Mail -
                 Athletic Facilities & Events
                 JMU Convo 101
                 MSC 4703
                 Harrisonburg, VA 22807


Student Organizations


  • Athletic Fields (Hillside, Godwin); Hillside Tennis Courts; Convocation Tennis Courts;

*The following facilities are not available for student organization use: Bridgeforth Stadium, Soccer/Lacrosse Complex, Godwin Hall Gymnasium, Field Hockey/Track Complex, Veterans Memorial Park, Savage Pool, Football practice field, Memorial Hall Gymnasium, and Convocation Center

**Hanson Field is not a reservable space.


University Departments


  • Athletic Fields (Hillside, Godwin), Godwin Gym, Convocation Center, Hillside and Convocation Tennis Courts, Memorial Gymnasium, and Field Hockey/Track Complex.

*The following facilities are not available for use: Soccer/Lacrosse Complex, Bridgeforth Stadium, Savage Pool, Football practice field, Veterans Memorial Park

**Hanson Field is not a reservable space.


External Groups (Non-University)

We are currently not accepting any new business/rentals from non-university groups.