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Characteristics of an Effective Assessment Program

  1. Clear, specific, focused, and measurable student learning objectives have been written to fulfill the intent of the program goals.
  2. Multiple assessment methods have been carefully selected and/or developed to address properly each of the student learning objectives in the program.
  3. Evidence supporting the reliability and validity of assessment methods have been scrutinized.
  4. Staff and faculty have designated standards such as cutoff scores for student performance on assessment methods.
  5. A proper design has been chosen and implemented to ensure that internal and external threats to the validity of the assessment study have been minimized.
  6. Procedures for collecting assessment information within the context of the study design have been carefully planned and monitored.
  7. Suitable and comprehensive statistical procedures have been chosen.
  8. The assessment results or outcomes concerning student learning and development have been interpreted with regard to the program objectives.
  9. Evidence of curricular, instructional, and/or service modifications with subsequent follow-up of changes in response to the acquired assessment results exists.
  10. Evidence that resources are moved or reallocated in response to the acquired assessment results exists.
  11. When relevant, traditionally and technologically delivered instruction has been compared with regard to student learning and development.
  12. The assessment report of the statistical findings has been written clearly, accurately, and objectively.
  13. Broad and ongoing staff and faculty discussions and involvement occur throughout the assessment process.
  14. The persons conducting the assessment study should be trustworthy and competent to perform the study so that the findings achieve maximum credibility and acceptance.


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