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“I think I might like to work with PASS…”
Great, we’d like to work with you too!  If you’re a prospective client, let’s provide you with some information that might be helpful.  This page can teach you about:

  • “Why should I do Assessment?”: The Importance of Assessment
  • “What is it like to work with PASS?”: The Assessment Cycle


“Why should I do Assessment?”
Many of the services provided by PASS and CARS serve to give programs information that may help them develop their program.  Developing program objectives and an assessment plan alone - even in the absence of data - can be a valuable exercise in capturing the essence of your program, and understanding the changes you want to instill in students.

Furthermore, as the costs of education increases, there has been a national call for accountability.  Assessment provides a means of gathering evidence for the effectiveness of any program, whether that be the knowledge gained in the classroom, or the development garnered by student affairs. Thus, in addition to improving your program, assessment can provide a means for programs to present information to external stakeholders.

“What is it be like to work with PASS?”
As we see it, there are five key stages (see below) involved in the continuing process of assessment, and we’re here to help you at any point along the way. 

Assessment Cycle


In establishing objectives, we can assist you in defining your program, and in explicitly describing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes students develop as a result of their participation.

Once we’ve captured the student-centered learning objectives of your program, we can assist you in either the selection or development of an instrument that can capture change in those areas.

The next step in the process involves collecting information using the instrument(s) that we have collectively determined to be right for you.  PASS’ role here is to assist you in developing a data collection plan that will help you collect the best data possible.

Once you have gathered that information, PASS can use the statistical expertise of our staff to help you develop a plan for analyzing the data that most effectively answers the questions you want answered.  If you’d like, we can even conduct the analyses for you!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, how can you use the information we’ve gathered and analyzed to effect change in your program?  That’s a question we’re here to help you answer.  Our staff is not only expertly trained in interpreting the analyses conducted on your data, but also in helping you understand them as well!




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