Zipporah Norton is an artist from Alexandria, VA, currently completing a B.F.A at James Madison University. Her work encompasses compelling subject matter regarding the human figure. Zipporah has shown in several galleries such as, Artworks gallery, The Torpedo Factory, and Larkin Arts.


As an artist and woman of the 21st century, I find it compelling to openly articulate complex subjects, such as, sexual assault, rape, body image, sexuality, and imperfection of the flesh. With the constant influx of information and news, it is easy to lose focus on situations that don’t receive the attention that is necessary to understand them. My body of work touches on one of these various topics. Although they differ, each are connected by the basic principles of art, line, form and composition. My art encompasses these subjects because I find our current political and social climate to be difficult to process and engage otherwise. The world’s issues are not black and white, they are filled with layers and dimension. My intention is to create my own language of such ideas in a way that best represents my beliefs, experiences and thoughts while striking a nerve among my audience. Although I am working with extensive content that deals directly with fourth wave feminist ideas; my work is intended to touch more than just a female perspective. When investigating specific topics I approach it in a way that is unique and is relatable to many.

I most accurately address these matters through the abstraction and manipulation of the human body, while still using shapes that provoke human genitalia and textures emulating fleshy bodily imperfections. I am fascinated by the body especially the areas that are overlooked or under appreciated, such as, cracks, crevices and hair. I find that sometimes paint can be too limiting for my ideas and expression. I regularly incorporate fibers elements into my work to mimic hair textures and other skin like characteristics. The inclusion of fibers materials also works as a tension element in my work. I incorporate fibers meticulously to not only add human like qualities but to manipulate the canvas in a way to create a tension and release experience for the viewer. I use the sewing and fibers to make a viewer uncomfortable and other times to entice or draw the viewer in. I work on a human scale or larger in order for my audience to be on the same level as the piece. Aesthetically I use lots of earthy tones mixed with bright pops of color to make the imagery relatable but still adding a new perspective to the human form.

Instincts, 48 x 60" oil on canvas
Hum and purr, 60x48" oil in canvas
Hum and purr
Nooks and crannies, 4x5' oil on canvas
Nooks and crannies
Crave, oil on canvas, 48x60"
Swaddles, 6x2' oil on sculptured canvas with fibers and plaster

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