Sarah Phillips is from King George, Va, and is a student in Studio Art: Photography, and Theatre: Design/Production (Scenery,) with Art Education licensure.  She has served as charge painter for 14 STAD productions, and has recently received a CVPA grant to teach art at OCP, a local homeless day shelter.  


As a person and as an artist, I think that my primary interest has always been storytelling.  I always like the best kinds of stories are those whose endings aren’t obvious at the onset the kind that come back to your recall months later with no warning and a new relevance. I like the illusory and the intangible and the improbable. I think that as an artist, I grasp a bit at all of those things and resolve somewhere just adjacent to that. I deal, almost exclusively, in near-misses and “almost,” the usually-not-noticed and the always unseen. I prefer complicating the question to giving an answer.  

My favorite part of art and its process is the subtle tension between what is given and what withheld. I love the discord of drawing people in with imagery and stopping just before the answers make complete sense. It leaves something of a lack. I love just-out of reach feeling of not quite knowing. It challenges and frustrates and makes you think.  After all, isn’t that what this elusive yet and intangible notion that art requires of us, its makers? 

I think that there is a beautiful and strange dichotomy between the recorded image--inherent to the camera-- and abstraction—inherent to the artist’s clamor for understanding of the world around us, and I tend to make work that, whether intentionally or unintentionally, fuses or grasps from those ideas.  There’s a strangeness to everything we experience that has yet to be explored, and I intend to make work that finds something in it.

"Equus," 4" x 5" negative contact printed on silver gelatin Hahnemuhle paper
"Shattered," 4" x 5" paper negative contact printed on silver gelatin fiber paper
"Under//neath," 4" x 5"negative contact printed on silver gelatin Hahnemuhle paper
"Persona (undetermined),"4" x 5" negative contact printed on silver gelatin fiber paper
"Something else," cyanotype on book page, approx. 7" x 9"
Something else

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