Nava Levenson is an artist from Richmond, VA whose work investigates anthropologic concepts such as semantics, reciprocity and ritualistic qualities of food via installation, performance, and recently, dining experience. Nava has been a resident at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, OxBow School of Art and Artists’ Residencies, and Old Furnace Artist Residency. Nava is the recipient of a CVPA Research Grant, 2016 Crystal Theodore Service Award with Scholarship and 2016 Junior Art Achievement Award at James Madison University where she is currently a BFA candidate concentrating in Sculpture.



I approach my practice as conversational studies, opening discussion on anthropologic concepts such as semantics and reciprocity. My work includes installations, social practice, and performative experiences with various levels of viewer interaction and dependence making the participant a vital subject in my work. In my current work, I am engaging viewers as participants and by extension, performers through a series of dining experiences. This work is rooted in the fundamental action of feeding one another as a means of showing investment in their existence. I am interested in analyzing the relationship between cook and consumer, the monetary exchange for preparation that takes place in restaurants, and many other factors that impact a dining experience.

Take One: 34 Days; Scrap Wood & Shoes 4'x2'x9'
Take One- 34 Days
Made-To-Order; Social Practice/Interactive Performance
Made to Order
Stacked Trays; Ceramic & Latex/Sculpture 1'x1'x1.5'
Stacked Trays
Taking Care: Feeding; Social Practice/Interactive Performance
Taking Care
Ceramic Egg Cartons; Close-up Installation, life size
Ceramic Egg Cartons
How To Crochet Pasta; Interactive Installation
Installation piece

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