Jorge Ariel Escobar is a Paraguayan-American artist from Richmond, VA, currently completing his BFA at James Madison University. His work frequently explores concepts related to psychological states in traditional darkroom photography, printmaking, and, most recently through fiber arts. Jorge has taken a whopping 34 photography credits as an undergrad working towards his BFA and has studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. He received the College of Visual and Performing Arts Undergraduate Research Grant in 2017 and has shown in various venues including three shows at the student-run ArtWorks Gallery and The Golden Pony’s Pegasus Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA. 


As an artist, I am constantly growing and changing with every day that goes by and I aim to express this fluid state through my art. I draw from emotions, experiences, and desires that are hidden from the outside world. My work focuses on the human psyche and mind; I have always been fascinated by the complexities of human nature. I find myself swimming through various thoughts and emotions, good and bad, and my work attempts to represent these states.

I try to keep a journal or simply just a collection of my writings whenever I begin working on a new project. This helps me formulate the beginnings of my projects and visually see my thoughts. Keeping track through writing allows me to revisit some of my work to look at them from a different perspective which often helps form a new concept and project for myself. Using a large-format view camera, the body of work “Damaged,” is a collection of large-scale portraits exploring my inner thoughts. With this series, I like to think of as the starting point of my artistic career, as it was the first project I felt I successfully explored a cohesive concept. It made me realize that being an artist was exactly what I wanted to do.

 When I was younger I always enjoyed being in art classes and getting the opportunity to create. However, I never saw myself as an artist even after I began art school. Being immersed in an environment where I’m surrounded by fellow artists and different mediums has encouraged me to think far more freely than I did previously. I document my journey through life with every project that I’ve created. My work allows me to look back on different points of my life and see where my mind was three, four, or five years ago. Although my art tends to have personal meaning I don’t necessarily want viewers to only see one simple idea. Art is fluid and multiple interpretations adds to that fluidity. My work does not look the same way it did four years ago and it will not be the same four years from now. Like any artist, I see myself evolving more in the years to come and I am eager to document where the path my career in the arts will lead me.

"Untitled", Van Dyke on watercolor contact printed with 5x4 film, 5x4
Easily Bruised
"Easily Bruised (See Through Me)", 120 film printed on transparencies, 14x14 (individually)
Easily Bruised stitch me up
"Easily Bruised (Stitch Me Up)", 120 film printed on canvas, 14x14
"I'm Searching For Something That I Can't Reach" or "I'm Searching...", screen print, 22x10
I'm searching for something
"Tyne", 35mm film on fiber paper, 8x10 

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