Jaynie Rogers is a senior art student from Richmond, VA. She will graduate from James Madison University in December 2017 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art, with a concentration in ceramics, a minor in art history, and a teaching licensure in art education. In 2016 Jaynie won an award for her collage, “The Process of Modern Feminism”, in the Annual Undergraduate Juror Exhibition show at Artworks. She participated in the 2016 faculty and undergraduate collaboration show at Artworks, Emerging and Emerged, where she acted in the group ceramic performance, “Hush,” and sat on panel to discuss the works after the exhibition. In March 2017, she will be participating in a ceramic performance for the Post-Conflict relief and Recovery Week at James Madison’s Duke Hall.

Jaynie’s work often draws influence from mental illness and the question of functionality. After graduation, she plans on attending artist residencies around the country and attending graduate school, before beginning her career in teaching.


I've always wondered what life would look like without the chaos. I wonder what my life would have looked like without knowing what mental illness looks like in the eyes of someone you love. I find it hard to express feelings to others; maybe that has something to do with my inherent nature of being the shelter for those in need in my life. My work reflects these tendencies to release the chaos. Unease, disillusion, and strategic comedy plays a pivotal role in my narrative. I find myself extremely interested in that story inside us, the one we don't quite know how to tell.

I enjoy working in a variety of three- dimensional mediums, primarily ceramics. I am interested in the body and what it means as a symbol. 

I want to make you laugh. I want to make you sad. I want to make you cringe. I want to make you confused. I want to make you question who I am. I want to make you question who you are. I want to make you experience what I can't express through words. I want to make you uncomfortable. 

All Souls; 11" x 12"
First, the black and white piece that has a face and teeth—
Red Face Platter; 9" x 20''
Red faced platter
Errect; 5'6" x 12"
“ Errect” 5’6’’ x 12’'
Dinner Set; variety of sizes
Dinner set, variety of sizes
Combustion; 18" x 23"
“ Combustion” 18’’ x 23’'

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