Daisy Wiley is a double major in Printmaking and Graphic Design from Northern Virginia.  She has recently exhibited in shows such as Internal Dialogues and Artist as Activist.


Printmaking has always been a tool for the dissemination of information. Whether it be for educational purposes or for more radical ones, information has been spread via printmaking ever since the invention of the Gutenberg press when printmaking became implemented on a mass level (such as propagandist literature being distributed after the reformation). In this way, motifs of spreading knowledge and information, and in a more abstract sense, the implications of the written word, are inherent to the medium of printmaking.

The historical relationship between the medium of printmaking and language ties further into the thematic aims of my work. The thrust of my print work revolves around themes of psychoanalysis, semiotics, and the relationship between text and image. Working from the lens of psychoanalysis is not only an aesthetic tool but serves a specific social and political purpose. Questions concerning the implications of language and meaning are especially pertinent in these volatile political times-- where language is used to coerce, expand control, spread ideology, incite terror, and politically maneuver. A psychoanalytic and linguistic lens is thus needed to examine the motives of the political subject in order to form a more nuanced perspective. By bringing these topics into the gallery space I am opting not only for a political and moralistic theory informed by psychoanalysis but for an artistic application as well.

Through my work I hope to introduce this language to the viewer and to incite an alternative and questioning subjectivity through conversation and critique. In recent shows I have explored the integration of language alongside each art piece. I work from a research intensive, literary framework to create these works-dissecting a theory in order to transfer it into the plastic realm. I hope to work more with language and have recently been exploring the inclusion of audio as a narrative prop for my pieces.

Anna; lithography (2017)
Artist's Table
Artists Table
Book 1; Artist's Book, lithography (2017)
Book 1
Book 2; Artist's Book, lithography (2017)
Book 2
Book 3; Artist's Book, (interior collage prints), collage (2017)
Book 3
Vorbewusste; relief print (2016)
Wolf Man; intaglio (2016)

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