Director and Chief Curator of Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art; Assistant Professor of Art

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MFA Brooklyn College, City University of New York
BFA State University of New York at Binghamton

I create durational, site-responsive interventions that involve a process of taking up residence within a place to fully engage with the location, its surroundings and every element within it.  My exploration begins without parameters, allowing for the possible and impossible.  Delving into the idiosyncratic elements of each space, assembling and disassembling, shifting, accumulating and rearranging material, subtle dynamics and possibilities are emphasized.  All components are sourced on site and can include building materials, refuse and discarded objects, light sources, natural light and sound, as well as data, research materials and objects from collections and archives.  Over time, in creating spatial tensions and contradictions within these subtle, often minimal environments, the viewer’s sensitivity is intensified.  Potential for agency and new opportunities become apparent as the inconspicuous moments that surround us are amplified, and the quiet sounds within our larger systems of operation may be sensed.


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