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Remarkable Trees

The Remarkable Trees Field Trip is an annual tour with the arboretum to visit regional sites that are home to some of our area's most incredible trees.

2014 - Lesesne State Forest

The Remarkable White Oak of the Oak Ridge Estate in Nelson County, and the Lesesne State Forest where American Chestnut restoration research is underway with the Virginia Department of Forestry.

2013 - Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center

An experience over a mile of fun through the Nelson Rocks canopy: 12 exhilarating zip lines, 3 adventurous sky bridges, and a 40 foot assisted rappel back to the forest floor with a Canopy Tour.

2012 - The Witness Trees

The champion Chinquapin and Bur oaks of Elkton, the Witness Trees & the Brompton Oak at Mary Washington University, and the historic gnarled Catalpas of Chatham Manor.

2011 & 2010 - Bath County

In 2010 & 2011, the remarkable trees field trip went to explore the treaures in Virginia's highlands: the ancient oak with a base wider in girth than most are tall, the Humpback Covered Bridge (one of the few remaining), and the moss colony at the base of a hot and cold springs waterfall.

2009 - Cyprus Bridge on the Nottoway River

Discovered by ecologist, Gary Fleming, and retired Suffolk teacher, Byron Carmean, this canoe- and kayak-only accessbile grove of swamp tupelos, Nyssa aquatica, and bald cyprus, Taxodium distichum, contains many trees of exceptional and record size and strange growth forms indicative of very old age. Several of these trees exceed 8' in diameter and one bald cypress in particular has a 35' circumference.

2008 - Dolly Sods Wilderness

Led by Dr. Bodkin in the (NWPS) wilderness in 2008, the Dolly Sods field trip explored the high-altitude plateau in the Alegeheny Mountains in eastern West Virginia that is home to lifeforms normally found in the far North.