Edith J. Carrier Monthly Photo Contest Winners

May 2015 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

May 2015 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

April 2015 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

April 2015 Winner, Yasmine Vaughan.

March 2015 Co-Winner — Lynn Whitmore

March 2015 Co-Winner Lynn Whitmore

March 2015 Co-Winner — Todd Slaubaugh

March 2015 Co-Winner Todd Slaubaugh

February 2015 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

February 2015 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

January 2015 Winner — Jillian Wright

January 2015 Winner, Jillian Wright.

December 2014 Winner — Evan Hunsberger (Tied Winner)

December 2014 Winner, Evan Hunsberger (Tied Winner).

December 2014 Winner — Lynn Whitmore (Tied Winner)

December 2014 Winner, Lynn Whitmore (Tied Winner).

November 2014 Winner — Jillian Wright

November 2014 Winner, Jillian Wright.

October 2014 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

October 2014 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

September 2014 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

September 2014 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

August 2014 Winner — Manita Bentley

August 2014 Winner, Manita Bentley.

July 2014 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

July 2014 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

June 2014 Winner — Angela Ruiz

June 2014 Winner, Angela Ruiz.

May 2014 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

May 2014 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

April 2014 Winner — Marilyn Talcott

April 2014 Winner, Marilyn Talcott.

March 2014 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

March 2014 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

February 2014 Winner — Patrick Flanigan

February 2014 Winner, Patrick Flanigan.

January 2014 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

January 2014 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

December 2013 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

December 2013 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

November 2013 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

November 2013 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

October 2013 Winner — Lisa Bauer

October 2013 Winner, Lisa Bauer.

September 2013 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

September 2013 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

August 2013 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

August 2013 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

July 2013 Winner — Lynn Whitmore

July 2013 Winner, Lynn Whitmore.

June 2013 Winner — Cathy Copeland

June 2013 Winner, Cathy Copeland.

May 2013 Winner — Ruth Wills

May 2013 Winner, Ruth Wills.
"Turtle Yoga"

April 2013 Winner — Christa Good (Tied Winner)

April 2013 Winner, Christa Good.
Photo was taken 4.26.13 - the pond with the reflection.

April 2013 Winner — Linda Carrier (Tied Winner)

April 2013 Winner, Linda Carrier.
This picture was taken Sunday, April 27 at the tree planting ceremony for Dr. John B. Noftsinger. I captured the picture near the Michael L. Carrier Memorial Tree.

March 2013 Winner — Daniel Wentling (Tied Winner)

March 2013 Winner, Daniel Wentling.
Taken by the bird feeder in the Arboretum on March 18, 2013.

March 2013 Winner — Elizabeth Parker (Tied Winner)

March 2013 Winner, Elizabeth Parker.
This is a photo that captures the peace and serenity of the various angel statues around the arboretum. Taken March 15, 2013 along one of the trails in the arboretum.

February 2013 Winner — Daniel Wentling

February 2013 Winner, Daniel Wentling.
The pond at the Arboretum � taken from the bridge on February 11, 2013.

January 2013 Winner — Sammy Monaghan

January 2013 Winner, Sammy Monaghan.
"It was a really nice day and my mom visited so we took a walk in the arboretum, which is my favorite place at JMU. I had to take some pictures for my photography class and the reflections in the water caught my attention immediately. This particular one was my favorite of the bunch. The next week I saw a flyer on campus for the photography competition and knew I had to submit this photo."
— Sammy Monaghan