REQUIRE NAME Sorry. Please input your name. | REQUIRE PHONE Sorry. Please input your phone number. | REQUIRE EMAIL Sorry. Please input your email address. | MAIL-TO Holiday Plant Sale Order Form ORDER INFORMATION ------------------------ Name: |NAME| Phone Number: |PHONE| Email Address: |EMAIL| Payment Method: |PAYMENTTYPE| ORDER SHEET ------------------------ ITEM Size QTY ------------------------------------------------------ Marblestar 6_5"" |marblestar6_5| Marblestar 8" |marblestar8| Jingle Bell Rock 6_5" |jingleBellRock6_5| Jingle Bell Rock 8" |jingleBellRock8| Orange Spice 6_5" |orangeSpice6_5| Orange Spice 8" |orangeSpice8| Prestige Red 6_5" |prestigeRed6_5| Prestige Red 8" |prestigeRed8| Solstice 6_5" |solstice6_5| Solstice 8" |solstice8| Tapestry 6_5" |Tapestry6_5| Winter Rose 6_5" |winterRose6_5| Winter Rose 8" |winterRose8| Glace 6_5" |Glace6_5| Glace 8" |Glace8| Jubilee Combo 8" |jubileeCombo8| Christmas Cacti 6" |ChristmasCacti6| Cyclamen 6" |Cyclamen6| ----------------------------- SubTotal: |hdnsubTotal| Tax: |hdnTax| ----------------------------- Total: |hdnTotal| ----------------------------- | RESPOND Thank you!
Thank you, |NAME|, for your order.
----------------------------- SubTotal: |hdnsubTotal| Tax: |hdnTax| ----------------------------- Total: |hdnTotal| -----------------------------
The Arboretum will contact you for payment information if you have selected to pay by credit card.
**Please note: Checks mailed or checks/cash delivered by hand to the arboretum must be received within 5 Business Days. Otherwise the order will be cancelled.
Please make the check payable to JMU, in the memo space, please write "Arboretum Holiday Plant Sale", and mail to: EJC Arboretum, 780 University Blvd., MSC 3705, Harrisonburg VA 22807

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