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Help Keep the Arboretum Beautiful

The Edith J. Carrier Arboretum & Botanical Gardens is a special place for the community and we ask you to help keep the arboretum and gardens enjoyable for everyone. Please see our guidelines below:

To contact the office, weekdays, business hours: 568-3194.
Visit the arboretum at Flicker; follow us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.
Please hash tag #EdithJCarrierArboretumatJMU on all web video and picture blogs and posts.
See our events and programs and to be added to our email contacts or to write to us from our Contact Us page.
Professional Portrait Photographers need to reserve in advance!

* For those who are interested in fishing and boating, visit Lake Shenandoah located just outside the city of Harrisonburg. Click here for maps and directions.