Arboretum 25th Anniversary

Donating Makes a Difference!

When visiting the Arboretum and choosing to make cash and check gifts in appreciation of visiting, gift drop boxes are found at the kiosk in the parking lot nearest the Pavilion, and at the Frances Plecker Education Center.

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Discover how easy it is to help the EJC Arboretum by doing what most of us do often anyway: performing online searches. Just use GoodSearch, and select the arboretum as the agency to receive the charitable benefit from online searches using the GoodSearch listing: "Edith J Carrier Arboretum – James Madison University" is how the arboretum is listed. Thank you for your support!

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Become a Friend of the EJC Arboretum

To become a Friend of the EJC Arboretum with membership privileges of discounts at EJC Arboretum sales and reduced admission in American Public Gardens Association member gardens, donate $25 or more throughout 2014. If a greater contribution is intended while browsing today or at any time, click the 'Give Now' button on the left to donate using a charge card. Online giving is appreciated in any amount. For gifts of $1,000 or more, a brass engraved leaf in your, a loved one's, or a business name, will be added to our donor plaque found in the lobby of the Frances Plecker Education Center so that arboretum visitors in perpetuity will know of your generosity!

Arboretum friends who give gifts of $25 or more throughout 2014, receive membership with benefits of discounts to other APGA member public gardens. To learn which public gardens participate in the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) Reciprocal Admissions Program, please visit:

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Memorial Trees and Benches

The arboretum offers dedicated specimen trees as living memorials, and recommends size, species, and location of each memorial tree. The donation for a memorial tree is $1,500. This amount is needed to purchase, plant, water, and maintain until established, and produce signage. Funds remaining are managed for long-term upkeep of the memorial trees, and replacements of unsuccessful tree plants as needed. The arboretum identifies the beneficial site for memorial trees.

Memorial trees are tended for their lifetime and every effort is made to ensure they thrive. The arboretum replaces failed trees up to five years after planting. If failure occurs after the fifth year, additional negotiated donor contribution is necessary to replant a replacement tree.

Signage is consistent with arboretum tree labeling. Honoree recognition is important, is secondary to species identification labeling, and is brief and discrete. The arboretum is a public scientific research preserve and garden, and the emphasis rightly is on the educational aspect of memorial plantings.

For a donation of $5,000, a memorial bench with a sign naming an honoree, can be placed within strategic gardens or scenic locations of the arboretum. The memorial bench donation is priced to include ongoing maintenance of the bench over its manufacturer’s lifetime. Benches vary and may be sculpted concrete or wooden.

If while browsing today or at any time a dedicated tree living memorial or memorial bench is desired, click the 'Give Now' button on the left to donate using a charge card. Once your donation is received, we'll be in touch with honorary tree donors to begin working to create your memorial.

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Campaign for Arboretum Accessibility

A fundraising campaign is underway for arboretum friends who wish to specifically contribute any amount without naming purposes to proposed handicapped accessibility features. A proposed new accessibility feature will be an accessible trail that will connect the Plecker Pond Loop accessible trail to the original parking lot and then continuing that proposed new accessible trail all the way to the EJC Arboretum Pavilion. Any arboretum feature may be negotiated to be major gift naming opportunity as well. Friends of the arboretum wishing to contribute any gift amount without naming to the accessibility campaign, may donate using a charge card and clicking the 'Give Now' button on the left. Or a donor wishing to gift for naming purposes may communicate their intent to the Arboretum Director, by using our contact form.

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At Home in the Woods

A new campaign, At Home in the Woods, is underway for arboretum friends who wish to specifically contribute for naming opportunities of proposed new family feature gardens in the oak-hickory forests of Edith J. Carrier Arboretum, designed to be offered in phases, with gardens that will invite children and their grown-ups to discover who makes their home in the woods. Phase One gardens are now available for naming opportunities.

The host of each component garden is the redback salamander, a shy and tiny amphibian found in the wooded slopes of the Arboretum. Unlike other salamanders, this creature spends its entire life on land. The threshold of each station will be marked with an indigenous boulder and identification donor plaque that will also offer a contextual cue to grown-ups that they are welcome to explore each feature. Children can search for the sculpture of their elusive host in his natural habitat (beneath rocks, in logs, etc.) at each threshold at each feature garden as well. To learn about each proposed family feature garden, read more...

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Additional Donor Opportunities

For major donors wishing to memorialize their name, or the name of a loved one, a variety of significant architectural and garden features presently in design phase are available as naming opportunities. Naming opportunities will have the honor of positive association with a favored university urban botanical preserve, highly ranked among JMU Alumni and the Harrisonburg and Shenandoah Valley resident and business community. Please phone or email to be referred to appropriate JMU development officers and the Arboretum Director for more information, (540) 568-4801 or contact the Arboretum Director. All major memorial donations for significant feature naming opportunities in the arboretum must be coordinated with the Arboretum Master Plan.