If you have any questions or need any information, please click the contact button for the person you need and fill out the appropriate form. If you need further assistance, please call (540) 568-3194 or fax (540) 568-5115.

Contact the Arboretum Assistant Director.

Gail Turnbull
Arboretum Assistant Director

For questions about:
  • Weddings
  • Programs and Events
  • Facility Use
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Website Management
  • Finance Administration

Contact the Arboretum Director.

Jan Sievers Mahon
Arboretum Director

For questions about:
  • Arboretum Administration and Master Plan
  • Botanical inquiries
  • Grants and Donor Gifts
  • Project Design and Development.

To Volunteer...

Do not contact the Director. Please click to sign up on our website on our Volunteer Page before contacting the Volunteer Coordinator.

Janis Traas, Volunteer Coordinator

Janis Miller Traas
Arboretum Volunteer Coordinator

For questions about:
  • Trail Steward Master Gardener/ Naturalist Volunteering
  • Class or Group Volunteering
  • Court Referred Volunteering
  • Volunteer Orientations

Contact the Arboretum Education Coordinator.

Caitlin Didawick
Arboretum Education Coordinator

For questions about:
  • Children's Educational Programs
  • Guided Group Tours

Lisa Bauer, Grounds Manager, Certified Arborist

Lisa Bauer
Grounds Manager,
Certified Arborist

Michael Hott, Grounds Manager

Michael Hott
Grounds Manager,
Certified Arborist

Jeannie Klemt, Part-time Admin Office Specialist II

Jeannie Klemt
Part-time Admin Office Specialist II