An Exhibit of the Paintings of

Mia LaBerge

All of March and April

Weekdays, in the Frances Plecker Education Center, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Exhibit closes at noon on its final day in April.

Painting by Mia LaBerge Painting by Mia LaBerge

Enjoy the works of an artist who has been featured at the Kennedy Center and at New York City's historic Steinway Hall. Like Monet who embraced the verdant countryside of Giverny, and Van Gogh who loved the light in Arles, Mia LaBerge gathers inspiration from the fleeting light and seasonal imagery and scenery of the Shenandoah Valley where she paints from the sanctuary of her home studio.

Using painting techniques of 19th century French painters, LaBerge's landscapes combine freedom and skill in paint handling with quiet and serene beauty. This painter has been called the Shenandoah Valley's Monet. See her work painted upon the Madison Century Steinway Art Case Piano exhibited at the JMU Forbes Center. Or better, visit the Frances Plecker Education Center at the arboretum, weekdays, business hours, and view her exhibited paintings to catch a sense of LaBerge's joy in how she interprets nature's rich colors, the fullness of the play of light, and the depths of varying textures in her paintings.

Stop into the Education Center at the EJC Arboretum, weekdays, and business hours.

780 University Blvd., Harrisonburg VA 22807 (540) 568-3194

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