An Exhibit of the Paintings of

Martha Crider Henderson

September 1—October 31, 2016

Weekdays, in the Frances Plecker Education Center, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pen sketch by Lisa Bauer

See an exhibit of the paintings of Martha Crider Henderson, a renowned muralist and Shenandoah Valley artist. The arboretum is proud to exhibit Martha's paintings as a preview to her taking the Arboretum Artist in Residency for 2017. This artist has a passion for capturing the beauty surrounding her in the impressionist style. Time and again commissioned, this artist was one of the first women to be selected for membership in the Washington Society of Landscape Painters, a male-only society formed on the once-held basis that women weren't up to the rigors of on-location painting. Martha has been exhibited solo in multiple prestigious juried exhibitions. And now her paintings can be viewed at the EJC Arboretum.

Painting by Clara Thiel

Not only is this artist noted for the beauty of her work, but she is also an artist who managed a gallery, the Mickelson Gallery in Washington D.C. for 39 years. She is a charter member of the American Impressionist Society. And when not painting, she teaches painting, loves framing art, and loves nurturing other artists. With her 2017 Artist in Residency, Martha brings seasonal plein aire painting sessions to the EJC arboretum throughout 2017. Her new and exciting on-location painting program, starting September 9, will enable artists, from fellow masters who want to enjoy community to beginners wanting to acquire or hone artistic skills, to get together to enjoy painting outdoors. for information.

Stop into the Education Center at the EJC Arboretum, weekdays, and business hours.
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