REQUIRE INSTRUCTORSNAME Sorry. Please input your name. | REQUIRE EMAIL Sorry. Please input your email address. | MAIL-TO |ARBEMAIL| Arboretum Use Form (Records Only, No Support Needed) Arboretum Use Form REGISTRATION INFORMATION ------------------------ Course: |courseName| Name: |instructorsName| Email Address: |EMAIL| Requested Date: |REQDATE| Alternate Date: |AltDate| Time of Use: |TIMEBEGINNING| |TIMEBEGINNINGTOD| to: |TIMEENDING| |TIMEBEGINNINGEOD| Faculty Size: |FACULTYSIZE| Student Size: |STUDENTSIZE| Pavilion Use: |PAVILION| Location: |MEETS| Signed: |Signed| |SignedDate| | RESPOND Thanks. Thanks for submitting your registration. There is no fee for class use of the arboretum. Please visit our website calendar page where your class use should be posted within 24 hours after submitting your visit online form.

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