American Robin — Turdus migratorius

Order Passeriformes
Family Turdidae
Genus Turdus
Species migratorius

The American Robin is one of the most easily recognized and well-known birds in the backyard. The American Robin is one of the first birds to lay eggs, an early dawn singer, and an early morning worm-digger, making the Robin truly an "early-bird."

Dark-gray to a blackish top, white rings around the eyes, white thoat with black streaks, and a warm brownish orange breast. Females are duller in color. Immature Robins are recognized for their heavily dark spotted breast.

Robins are found in many areas: gardens, fields, parks and suburban areas, hedgerows, borders, forests, and second-growth.

American Robin
(CC) BY-SA Benjamin Shirkey, December 2012

Community Contributions

(CC) BY-SA Benjamin Shirkey,
December 2012

A robin perched on a rhododendron branch. Note the white ring around the eye.

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