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Fall 2015 Courses and Course Descriptions

AMST 200: Introduction to American Studies

This interdisciplinary course will highlight the student's role in interrogating the cultural and political function of representations of America in literature, history, philosophy, religion, popular culture, music and art. Students will gain an understanding of why definitions of American identity matter and learn about the contemporary debates that inform the discipline of American Studies today. Questions about the changing role of national studies in the face of globalization are central.

Section 0001 | TuTh 9:30-10:45am | Laura Henigman
                    M 6:30-9:00pm
Section 0002 | TuTh 12:30-1:45pm | Julianne Herczeg

How do I sign up?

1)  Make an appointment with Dr. Laura Henigman, American Studies coordinator (206 Keezell,, to fill out registration forms for the American Studies minor.  These require Dr. Henigman's signature. Enrolling early will allow you go receive regular updates on the minor from Dr. Henigman.

2)  File signed form at registrar's office.