The Office of Prospect Research transforms data into information that enlightens the university community about prospective donors whose philanthropic aspirations can find fulfillment at JMU.


The Office of Prospect Research strives to be the first and best source for prospect information.



The Office of Prospect Research supports and furthers our constituents' right to privacy. We maintain the integrity and privacy of the confidential information of the university. We are committed to the ethical collection and use of the publicly-available information we analyze and store.


The Office of Prospect Research promotes open and honest sharing of knowledge and information, while guarding the privacy of our donors, alumni and other constituents. We provide information in a way that shows the logic of our conclusions and is well-presented and easy for the user to comprehend at first encounter.


The Office of Prospect Research values the sharing of information in a manner that ensures mutual understanding, anticipates ambiguity and eliminates confusion. Active communication shows itself in behaviors such as seeking clarification, synthesizing complex or ambiguous messages, reducing either information overload or paucity, and listening empathetically.


The Office of Prospect Research promotes cooperation and respect within our team, and seeks partnerships within the campus and community that enable us to pursue our Mission and Vision. We encourage contributions of everyone's time and ideas. We accept the responsibility for our relationships with others. We pledge to discuss ideas in an open and collegial environment.


The Office of Prospect Research holds itself to the highest standards. We provide precise, thorough, and thoughtful information that is carefully researched and organized, and do so in a timely manner.

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