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Academic Planning Tools

MyMadison: Academic Planning Tools

MyMadison is a web-based program that provides access to course registration, your class schedule, and your academic records. It is accessible to you with a JMU electronic ID and password. See screenshot below.


There are several web-based tools within MyMadison that can assist you with tracking your academic progress at the university and can be used for academic planning purposes in consultation with your academic adviser.

An Important Note about Computer Security and MyMadison

The university takes its responsibility to protect your privacy and your academic records very seriously. It is against university policy to share your e-ID and password with any other person. If you are using a computer lab or kiosk on campus, make sure you log out of MyMadison, otherwise your personal information, academic records, and class schedule will be accessible to the next person who uses the computer.

E-Campus Student Center

When you log on to e-campus your student center page will appear.  The e-campus student center allows you to:

  • View your class schedule
  • Check your personal contact information
  • View any holds on your records
  • See the name of your academic adviser
  • View your program of study and GPA
  • View your registration appointment times

By clicking on the "other academic" drop down box, you can:

  • View your unofficial academic transcript
  • View your transfer credit report
  • View your program of study
  • View your test scores

View e-campus student center screenshot below or click here to open in a new window with a larger image.

Unofficial Academic Transcript

You can access a copy of your unofficial transcript via the student center in e-campus by logging on to e-campus and selecting "unofficial transcript" from the drop down box labeled "other academics". Your transcript lists the courses you have taken, credit hours earned and your course grades.

Often, employers and graduate and professional schools will ask you to submit your official JMU transcript as part of an application process. To request copies of your official JMU transcript, click here.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

If applicable, you can access a copy of your transfer credit evaluation via the student center in e-campus by logging on to e-campus and selecting "transfer credit report" from the drop down box labeled "other academics."

Your transfer credit evaluation shows JMU course equivalents for those courses you took at another two or four year institution of higher learning and for which you earned JMU credit. For more information about transfer credit, click here.

Test Scores 

If applicable, the following test scores are available to you in e-campus:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) test scores
  • SAT II scores
  • JMU math placement test score
  • JMU foreign language test score

To access your test score information, log on to e-campus, in the drop down box labeled "other academics" click on test scores.

Degree Progress Report

Your degree progress report is an academic planning tool that helps you track your progress towards meeting all graduation requirements.  It lists all of the requirements specific to General Education, your declared major, minor (if applicable) and your degree program and indicates which requirements you have fulfilled and which requirements are unmet. It is important that you view the tutorial on "Understanding Your Degree Progress Report".

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