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Pre-Professional Health Programs

Pre-professional health (PPH) programs at JMU are not majors, minors or concentrations.  They are preparation programs that outline a set of JMU courses and requirements that are commonly required for admission to doctoral and masters-level professional programs. There is no particular undergraduate major required or favored for admission to health professions schools.

Preparation for Doctoral or Diagnostic Health Fields:  Doctoral programs all involve four years of professional training usually following a bachelor's degree. 

  • Allopathic (M.D.) and Osteopathic (D.O.) Medicine

Preparation for Masters-level Health Fields:  entry-level masters programs involve two years of professional training usually following a bachelor's degree. 

Masters (MS) or Doctoral (Ph.D.) programs in Forensic Science:  the undergraduate major you choose will depend on the particular area of forensics in which you are interested.   We recommend an undergraduate degree in anthropology, biology, chemistry or psychology.      

Clicking on the links above will take you to information about advising and pre-professional coursework and preparation for that professional health career.

Pre-Professional Health Advising

Pre-professional health advising, coordinated by the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services, is provided by faculty from science and health disciplines who can guide you through the various course requirements.  If you plan to pursue a pre-professional health program, you will have two academic advisers at JMU: a major adviser for your major program and a coordinator for your pre-professional health program.

Because entry into pre-professional health programs is highly competitive, you are encouraged to meet with the appropriate JMU pre-professional health coordinator regularly to make sure you fulfill course requirements in a timely manner.  

For a list of pre-professional health program coordinators and other important advising information, you should consult the pre-professional health advising website at http://www.iihhs.jmu.edu/preprofessional/index.html

Professional Health School Entrance Exams

If you are interested in entering a pre-professional health program immediately following graduation from JMU, you must prepare to take the entrance exam required for your particular area of graduate study in your junior year.  The advising information sheet for each PPH program indicates which entrance exam(s) are required for each professional health field.  Your pre-professional health program coordinator can provide information about the entrance exam required for your area of professional study and help you design a plan of study at JMU to make sure you have studied key content areas usually included on the entrance exam.