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Who We Are

The office of University Advising in collaboration with the Student Government Association  implemented a new JMU undergraduate peer advising program in the fall of 2009 called "Madison Advising Peers".  

Madison Advising Peers (MAP) are JMU students who care about their fellow students and are committed to helping you achieve your college goals. They work in conjunction with faculty advisors by providing supplemental academic advising information and assist other JMU undergraduate students who may have general advising questions, but don't know where to go.   A MAP can be a supportive and friendly resource for students who feel overwhelmed and confused. 

Meet the 2012-13 Madison Advising Peers

Advising Topics MAP's Can Assist You With

Office Hours and Location

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Advising Topics MAP's Can Assist You With

     - Which General Education check sheet do I follow?
     - What are the cluster requirements in General Education?
     - How do I know if I've met all of my General Education requirements?
     - How do I find out who my advisor is and when should I meet with him or her?
     - How do I remove a hold from my record?
     - When can I register for classes?
     - Is there a list of courses offered in the summer at JMU?
     - How do I read my degree progress report?
     - How do I map out an academic plan?
     - Can I take a course at home in the summer and transfer the credit to JMU?
     - How do I request a course override?
     - What is the difference between repeat forgive and repeat credit?
     - How do I declare a minor or pre-professional program?
     - What questions should I ask my faculty advisor when I meet with him or her?
     - Where can I find information about progression standards for my major?
     - Where do I go to get information about studying abroad?
     - How do I change my major?
     - What minors are offered at JMU?
     - What is the difference between the BA and BS degree?
     - When do I apply for graduation? 

Hours of Operation

Wilson Hall, Room 102

Monday through Thursday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Fridays 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Meet the 2012-13 Madison Advising Peers

To meet the 2012-13 Madison Advising Peers, click here.


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