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Cluster Three and the JMU Math Placement Exam

All students take math as part of fulfilling Cluster Three requirements unless the appropriate math credit has been earned through dual enrollment, advanced placement, international baccalaureate or transfer credit.

Results of the JMU Math Placement exam and your intended major are used to recommend a math course in Cluster Three. It is important for you to know what math course(s) your major requires. This information can be found in the major information section of your Undergraduate Catalog.

Important Advising Note:
Decisions to take a math course at a higher level than the course you placed into should be considered carefully in consultation with your academic adviser. Taking a math course beyond your current ability can lead to poor performance in that course.

To view your math placement score, log on to MyMadison. On your student center page, click in the "other academics" drop down menu, select test scores.