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General Education:

Cluster One and the Information Literacy Requirement

Proficiency in the use of computers, databases, and software along with the use of information seeking skills are essential in all courses at JMU.  To assist you in acquiring the necessary technological and information seeking competencies, Cluster One requires you to demonstrate proficiency in two areas:

  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Information Seeking Skills

Successful completion of the information literacy tests is a graduation requirement and does appear as a milestone on your JMU transcript; however you do not receive academic credit.

1. Technology Competency Test (Tech Level I)

The Tech Level I exam tests your proficiency utilizing word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.  New freshmen and transfer students  must complete the Technology Competency Test by November 18, 2010. 

2. Information Seeking Skills Test (ISST)

The Information Seeking Skills Test measures your ability to utilize print and electronic reference resources in the library to conduct research, evaluate the reliability and accuracy of information, and cite bibliographic resources accurately. You will develop these skills in Cluster One course assignments and through Go for the Gold a web-based instructional program.  New Freshmen and Transfer students must complete the ISST by April 22, 1010.

For more information about the Tech Level I exam and ISST including tutorials please review the information on the General Education website: http://www.jmu.edu/gened/info_lit_general.html