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What If an Academic Advisor is not listed in MyMadison?

If you are a currently enrolled student and there is not an academic advisor displayed for you in MyMadison:

  • contact the department in which your major resides
  • if you are undeclared, contact the office of Career and Academic Planning, 568-6555

If you are a new freshman or transfer student, you will receive your advisor assignment when you attend orientation; advisor assignments will be posted in MyMadison by the first day of classes. 

What If I Have More than One Academic Advisor?

You will have more than one academic adviser if you have declared any of the following:

      - a minor program of study
      - a second major
      - a pre-professional health program
      - a pre-professional education program

Only the academic advisor for your primary major is posted in MyMadison.  You should plan to consult the coordinator and/or advisor for any additional programs that you have declared to make sure that you meet all program requirements.