Principal/Major Giving

  • Store prospect information and manage prospect activity, including multi-level assignments for staff and volunteers as part of a roll-up or master assignment, multi-level ratings assigned based on a hierarchical structure, capture and quantifying a prospect move as distinct from prospect action or development officer activity, track multi-level strategic plans, linkages for a cultivation/solicitation cycle, major gift by project, proposals, interests and prospects, store data from third party vendors and features for development officers including email alerts, ticklers, calendars and portfolio geographical mapping. Major gift tracking is in place.
  • Provide a prospect model that enables the report (through views or dashboards) of institutional capacity, gift table by stage and rating, and enables the counting of moves
  • Clear and easy clearance approval, tracking, and view-ability
  • Clear and easy delineations between research queue, suspect pool, and prospect pool
  • Screening integration is not in scope.