Meet the Team

JMU staff from the office of Advancement Information Services and Information Technology is teamed up with SunGard consultants to implement Advance. Work began during the fall of 2009.

Project Sponsor

Dr. Joanne Carr

Senior Vice President of University Advancement

Executive Steering Committee

Dale Hulvey, chair (hulveydb; x7063)
Dr. Joanne Carr
Weston Hatfield
Andy Perrine
Steve Smith
Chris Pipkins
Robin Bryan
Debbie Jordan

Project Core Team

Robin Bryan, project director (bryanra; x2862)
Bernie Click, project manager (clickba; x2582)
Debbie Jordan, functional lead (jordands; x5013)
Gail Turner
Bradley Kurtz
Diane Harrington
Brenda Nester
Cassie Henry
Martin O'Donoghue
Michael Markisello
Ruth Barstow
Ross Sandy