Welcome, Advance!

An alumni engagement and fundraising operation expecting to be successful must rely on a sophisticated and scalable data management system. James Madison University grew out of its current system some time ago. But now, thanks in part to a generous gift from the JMU Alumni Association, JMU is pleased to announce the acquisition and implementation of Advance by SunGard.

Advance is a best-of-breed system designed especially for higher education. The process of implementing the new system is in full swing and go-live occured on April 11, 2011.

What does this mean for you?


Latest Updates

Advance is live!

The project team is happy to announce that Advance is LIVE! You can log into Advance at this URL using your e-id and password: https://advance.jmu.edu 

For ongoing support, please check your site help! If you need more specific help, please fill out this form: http://www.jmu.edu/ais/help/helpcall.shtml OR email uaqa@jmu.edu

The common language of Advancement

What is a gift to the university? Some might say a gift is cash-in-hand, another might count a pledge, someone else might consider the donation of an object as a gift and yet another may count volunteer time. How we define terms is very important to improving our efficiency and making sure all our campus partners speak a common language. To assist with this, look for a Reporting Methods workshop. More...

Setting business processes and best practices

We’ve begun to develop new business processes around the system and are engaging heavily with other universities through Advance user groups to learn best practices. This is one of the fundamental reasons we went with a best of breed software — to engage other universities that already use Advance and learn from their experiences. More...