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Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson
Assistant Director of Admissions 


2003 B.S. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a Concentration in Political Science from JMU; 2005 M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from the College of William & Mary 

Hometown: Richmond, VA 



Reading, traveling and playing tourist at historic landmarks, re-finishing furniture and other creative projects, watching movies, shopping 

Why I chose to attend JMU:

During my junior year of high school, I began making the usual rounds of college campuses with my family.  I focused on schools with speech pathology programs (my intended major at the time) and fell in love with JMU’s spirit as soon as I stepped onto campus!  

What JMU means to me:

The people.  The community.  Endless opportunities.  Learning.  Involvement.  I can’t think of a place that tries harder to positively impact the lives of young people.  It’s where I met some of my closest friends and where I choose to work today – JMU is truly a part of who I am! 

Advice to students selecting a college:

To me, one of the most important factors in choosing a college or university is fit.  Can see yourself being happy, involved, and successful as a student at the school you are visiting?  Eat at the on-campus dining hall, attend a class and ask current students questions about their experiences.  Make sure you are actively involved in the college search process (after all, this is where you will spend the next four years of your life) and take advantage of campus visitations and open houses that are designed to educate you about a school’s academic programs, campus community and application process.  


Class at JMU:
POSC 380 “The National Executive” with Dr. Anthony Eksterowicz.  It was a class that focused on the role of the US President.  I remember becoming so engrossed in his lectures that I would forget to take notes – oops! 

JMU Memory: 
It’s hard to narrow down four years of memories into one!  I’ll never forget: the snowball fight on the Quad between the Village and the Bluestone residence halls during winter of my freshman year; spending quality time with my closest friends in the last few weeks before graduation as we really made the most of our time together before heading in different directions.   

Sports Teams:
I find watching the Tour de France fascinating; never miss watching the Olympics and love watching JMU football - that’s about all I can handle! 

Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom, Sammy’s Hill by Kristin Gore, The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer 

Frequency, The Cutting Edge, The Notebook, Sweet Home Alabama 

TV Shows:
The Office, 30 Rock, So You Think You Can Dance, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, anything on HGTV 

Vacation Spots: Outer Banks, NC