Alternate Routes: ACUI Region 5 2010 Conference
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Keynote Speakers

Image of Mayor Kai Degner

Kai Degner, Director of Business Services

Fairfield Center

In addition to being the mayor of Harrisonburg, Kai Degner serves as the Director of Business Services at the Fairfield Center, where he is a communications trainer and facilitator. He specializes in developing effective and efficient ways for businesses and leadership teams to coordinate action items to address their most pressing strategic concerns. Degner also manages the popular Harrisonburg Summits community dialogue series, which is quickly becoming a premiere community-networking program.

Dr. Mark J. Warner

Mark J. Warner is JMUÕs Senior Vice President of Student Affairs and University Planning. Warner began his career as a professor of health sciences for the university, eventually earning the James Madison Distinguished Teaching Award in 1998, and he received his doctorate from the University of Virginia. In addition to his position at JMU, Warner also serves the community by serving as a consultant and speaker for businesses, governments, schools, and churches. Warner is the author of two books, The Complete IdiotÕs Guide to Enhancing Self-Esteem and Inspiring Leadership: ItÕs Not About the Power.

Sarah Everett, Speaker

Originally from Juneau, Alaska, JMU's own Sarah Everett is known around campus for her enthusiasm for James Madison and her impersonation of him in full costume. With support from her hometown and family, Everett has fostered her passion by doing an extensive study of James Madison. Everett hopes to become a professional interpreter of James Madison in the future, and hopes to graduate from JMU in 2012 with a major in Theatre and a minor in either History or Political Science.